We (parents and teachers) know how special our students are. We know their personalities and can appreciate them as they are while we do our best to teach and nurture them.

I had way too much free time this weekend. I ended up writing a rap song for my seventh graders.  Yes, a rap. I decided my kids needed a little bit of comedy, so I actually performed the song and allowed them to video me—something I never do! I worked in every kid’s name, so it was specific to them.

They seemed quite happy, and I even heard from some of the parents about the rap. I’m glad I made my kids smile. For now, though, it’s back to work!

If you’d like to see my version of crazy, a student put it on Youtube with the title “Crazy teacher went Eminem.”


Dance class was interesting tonight, to say the least.  I showed up at the appointed time to discover that my CD (my beloved CD!) would not play on the library’s CD player.  I had already changed clothes at that point, but I ran out of the library wearing my leggings, exercise top and socks…yes, socks, no shoes.  I had to pick up my laptop to play the music for us.  I made it back in about three minutes right before the rain hit!

I expected maybe two ladies, but there were five of us!  Successful first meeting in my opinion!  I hope the ladies enjoyed class as much as I did.  It was so refreshing to have adult company at the end of a long school day.

Now I have homework of my own to prepare for next week’s class.  🙂  Practice makes perfect!

Holiday Box

Bela and I were thrilled to get our Try the World box today.  The contents were truly international.  We got some mouth watering items.  My personal favorite (that we have not yet opened) is the box of French TRUFFLES!  The Swedish ginger snaps are a close second.  Then there are the cookies from Morocco and the panattone from Italy….we should have enough snacks to last us a while.  Maybe.


One of us is sure to try the Italian hazelnut cream or the Brazilian Acai Dessert Sauce over bread or yogurt (or maybe ice cream) soon.  Since Bela has been drinking tea lately, the Ruby Red Restorative Winter Calming Tea from the United Kingdom is definitely hers.  I will also soon cook with the extra virgin olive oil from Israel.


I appreciate the recipes and serving suggestions that come inside every box.  There was even a list of suggested music to accompany the foods in this box!  Wouldn’t a Try the World subscription be an amazing school gift?  Maybe I could use these in my foreign language classes!

Talk among yourselves….I hear the siren song of chocolate truffles!

Out of Town!

It was nice to see how fast dinner would be served!

It was nice to see how fast dinner would be served!

I was Bela's accessory.  I got to go in free since she's a minor.

I was Bela’s accessory. I got to go in free since she’s a minor.

Rainbow Beard is a nice guy.

Rainbow Beard is a nice guy.

MC Lars and Mr. Raven posed with Bela.  I got a FREE CD!

MC Lars and Mr. Raven posed with Bela. I got a FREE CD!

Bela makes friends everywhere we go.

Bela makes friends everywhere we go.

Kosha Dillz was busy signing stuff.

Kosha Dillz was busy signing stuff.

Bela was in line to meet Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria.

Bela was in line to meet Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria.  Scott is beside her in the red shirt.

The line from another perspective...she finally met Ben.

The line from another perspective…she finally met Ben.


I can’t wait to wear this shirt.  I think my students will “get” it.  Ysabela and I watch a lot of Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out.

Wild 'N Out fans can appreciate this shirt.

Wild ‘N Out fans can appreciate this shirt.

After I heard Miguel playing, I worked to track him down after his set.

Miguel Dakota is a sweetheart.

Miguel Dakota is a sweetheart.

I was surprised that I enjoyed Koo Koo Kangaroo as much as I did.

I was surprised that I enjoyed Koo Koo Kangaroo as much as I did.


Concert Time is Coming!

I took my Spanish Honor Society students to a Spanish language concert last year. The performer, Ennio Emmanuel, was sponsored by the Justo Lamas Group. Justo always puts on a fabulous show, and Ennio didn’t disappoint either. Both singers are inspirational, approachable and adorable. This year I will be taking a smaller group (due to our school athletic calendar), but we plan to have a great time. I am looking forward to the concert in October (as you can probably tell!).

Justo and Ennio both work hard to motivate students to speak Spanish and enjoy it. The audience members get plenty of chances to go on stage and sing or dance. Even teachers get into the act! Look the guys up on Facebook, and if you’re a Spanish teacher, consider hosting a concert. You won’t be sorry!

I still have the rose!  :)

I still have the rose! 🙂


Today’s Music

Teachers and parents, I’m talking to you! Are you listening to the same tunes as your kids (or students)? Are you hearing what they hear? My daughter and I get in the car, and the radio is always on. Sounds normal, right? I’ll admit to being entertained by a catchy beat. Then again, some songs are catchy only if I don’t hear the lyrics. Bad lyrics make some songs unfit for teen listening. I have heard lyrics so bad that I get embarrassed! (That’s hard to do!)

Think of some songs you’ve heard on the radio (or your iPod) lately. Now, sing a few bars of each. Stop singing when the song refers to sex or if you encounter a curse word. You just sing a few minutes and come back when you’re done. I’ll wait for you.

A few songs stand out (at least to me) for their offensiveness. Miley Cyrus songs are, in general, very crude. Rihanna doesn’t do any better. Then there’s Kesha, Pitbull (who should know better) and even Enrique Iglesias. Those are all offensive, but today’s winner for making me gag is Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love. Gross. Really listen to the lyrics and you’ll hear for yourself. Are we supposed to take her seriously? Pardon me while I puke.

What happened to morals? What happened to editing songs for tender ears? Why are we not doing a better job of protecting our kids? What is wrong with society?

Yes, I know teenagers are going to listen to provocative music. I also realize there’s a difference in singing about something and actually doing it. I understand that our kids want to “fit in” wherever they may be. I think we parents and teachers should keep telling them that “fitting in” might be easier than standing up for decency, but easy is not always right. We have to make sure good values are instilled in our children before they go out on their own.

We, the adults, are frighteningly aware of the world that awaits our young when they leave the nest. The media bombards us all with nudity, trashy music and a message that thin equals beautiful even if unhealthy habits create that skinny silhouette. Another message that is loud and clear to our kids is that sex equals love. Not true! Enough already!