About Me

Who am I? I am a daughter, mom, teacher, student, friend. What do I do? Like most of us in a small town, I wear many hats. I teach Spanish and work part time as an employee in the local nursing home while studying to complete my Master’s. I have many interests including technology (especially in the classroom), teaching (specifically foreign language) and innovative, creative ways to help students learn. I enjoy spending time with my various pets, reading, writing and sewing. I also have various causes I support such as (but not limited to) Flat Stanley, animal rescue and travel.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there, I stopped by from Jason’s blog to see what you’re up to. I love your titles and I’m off to check out a few. Best of luck in your studies, your work, and this blog!

  2. Hi there! Found you through Harsh Reality. 🙂 I’ve thought of learning spanish recently. I enjoyed it in High School, but I barely remember anything! I think my kids (10 & 6) would love it, and being bi-lingual would be a plus in a job search!

    Good luck with your blog!

    • Most definitely a bonus for work! It is not that difficult to learn Spanish if you want to badly enough! Thanks for the visit!

  3. Thank you for visiting Postcards from Kerry. Mi Espanol es malo…:( You have used the Hero Theme much more effectively than me – it looks great. I need to work harder!

    • Thanks for talking about the Black Irish and the DNA tests. I was considering getting mine done! I was thinking about going through National Geographic, but I still can’t decide.

      • Ancestry DNA goes back about 1000 years, I believe, so it is more recent history. Nat Geo goes back much further and I might do that another time but I wanted to know about my recent ancestors.

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