Tech Tools for Newbies

If you have never heard of Prezi, PhotoPeach, Zooburst or an eportfolio, you’d better keep reading! An eportfolio is a particularly useful tool to engage students’ imaginations and allow them to be creative while learning. Setting one up is easy enough. If you have a gmail account, go there now! After signing into your gmail, open another tab and go to Google sites and click on “create.” From there, you can choose a theme, but I usually omit this step. Name your site and type in the code to get started. To add something to your page, click on “edit.” Don’t forget to save the changes! Spend some time getting familiar with the features, and don’t be intimidated!
For a look at my personal eportfolio and to see how it can be used, go to and let me know what you think!

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