Christine Feehan

I’ve long been a fan of Christine Feehan, and I had a stash of her books long ago.  Sadly, I passed them to friends over time, but now I have a few on my Nook.  I have been indulging in a few of the Dark series books by Christine Feehan this week.  I am currently reading Dark Wolf (for the third time).  It’s about Dimitri and Skyler.  Their love story is awesome, but I tend to gravitate toward the fight scenes.  Feehan is truly a master of her craft.

Poppy was quite interested in the fight scenes as well.

Poppy was quite interested in the fight scenes as well.

Dimitri is a Carpathian, a powerful warrior who kills the undead—vampires.  Warriors live for centuries, losing emotions and vision in color as they age.  He, like all Carpathian males, was lost until he heard his lifemate’s voice.  Her voice restored colors and emotion to Dimitri’s life.  Skyler saved him from the darkness as lifemates do.  She, a young, human female, planned and executed a rescue mission with her two best friends, Josef and Paul, to save Dimitri when he was captured and tortured by rogue Lycans.

If this intrigues you, don’t hesitate to head over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to grab a copy for yourself.

There are over 20 books in this series, and I can’t wait until the next one is available!


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