My Declaration of War

I have officially declared war in my classroom. I have had it with the little snide, insulting, hurtful comments my students make to each other on a daily basis. Enough already! From here on out, an insult means detention.

My students have become so used to insulting each other that they hardly realize they are doing it! They have done it for so long it has become a habit. It’s time to think before they speak. Maybe if our kids were nicer to one another, school shootings wouldn’t be so commonplace.

How many times have school shooters been the ones who were always teased or bullied? Do you think there’s a connection between insulting, bullying and violence? I sure do. I think society as a whole has become so desensitized by television violence that our children have internalized it. They become immune to the images. Maybe they have played so many violent video games that they have the cartoon mentality that it is “just having fun.”

Parents, think about this: what would your child do if confronted with a situation that required him/her to stand up and speak out against bullying? Maybe a friend is being teased or pushed around in the hall at school. Would your child have enough backbone to tell the bully to stop? Maybe fear would keep your child silent. Do you think it’s acceptable for children to be put in that position in the first place? I do not. We need to send a message to our children that it is not OK to hurt or belittle anyone. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t give birth to my kids for them to be abused by anyone. It’s time for some loving discipline and some serious discussions.

I am making my stand now. Enough is enough.

4 thoughts on “My Declaration of War

  1. When they start insulting, bring the ones doing the harassing in front of the class. Make them face the whole class and explain to them, in a good voice, why they are doing it. A few times having to stand in front with all the eyes on them should make them think twice before doing it again . For unresponsive cases, a meeting with the parent with a counselor present and mandatory in school counseling for the kid.

    • I like this idea. Most kids don’t like being in front of a class room. I love how much you care about teaching kids things their parents already should have.

  2. Bullying is overlooked too much in our culture. Adults often figure something like, “Oh I lived through it it’s not such a big deal.” We tend to belive the old rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” But this is simply not true. Your body heals from scratches and cuts, but where do people find healing for a wounded spirit? Fight this battle with confidence, knowing it really does matter.

    • Luke, thanks for the kind words….the kids are so used to doing it, they have to have it pointed out to them! Amazing…

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