Holiday Box

Bela and I were thrilled to get our Try the World box today.  The contents were truly international.  We got some mouth watering items.  My personal favorite (that we have not yet opened) is the box of French TRUFFLES!  The Swedish ginger snaps are a close second.  Then there are the cookies from Morocco and the panattone from Italy….we should have enough snacks to last us a while.  Maybe.


One of us is sure to try the Italian hazelnut cream or the Brazilian Acai Dessert Sauce over bread or yogurt (or maybe ice cream) soon.  Since Bela has been drinking tea lately, the Ruby Red Restorative Winter Calming Tea from the United Kingdom is definitely hers.  I will also soon cook with the extra virgin olive oil from Israel.


I appreciate the recipes and serving suggestions that come inside every box.  There was even a list of suggested music to accompany the foods in this box!  Wouldn’t a Try the World subscription be an amazing school gift?  Maybe I could use these in my foreign language classes!

Talk among yourselves….I hear the siren song of chocolate truffles!

Grocery Shopping

Every time I head to the store, I silently vow to spend less than the month before. Every month I am disappointed in myself. I never mind spending money on food, but I do hate spending on the wrong things. My plan is to cook as much as possible. No more microwave stuff unless I have to be out of town and my daughter will have to fend for herself. We are both picky eaters, so meal planning can be a huge challenge.

Last month I bought a lot more “cooking” items, and we ate better meals that filled us up. I made a choice to focus on meats we like, and Bela has tried some new foods! Yea!!!!! I have a few more recipes that I am sure she likes instead of wasting money buying things she might eat. I enjoy making (and eating!) breakfast burritos, especially for supper. I saw a friend’s post on Facebook about bacon pancakes. They were a hit with my Bela. My friend Stacey gave me a simple chili recipe that Bela ate at her house. Success! Another success happened in the store this evening. Ysabela saw the stew meat in the cart and licked her chops. That’s a good sign! I figure I’ll add some potatoes and stuff to it in a crock pot, and we’ll have stew for a change. Bela is more of a carnivore than I am; I usually pick out the potatoes! (Now you know!)

Anyway, we’ll see how smart I can shop in the coming months. I am committed to saving money and eating better for less. (Thank you, Lisa, for sending us the coupons!)