Like a Boss


You know how it is, right?  Sometimes the money doesn’t stretch quite far enough, and the month has just begun.  Am I the only one that feels this pain?  I don’t think so!  But sometimes a miracle takes place, and I walk out of the grocery store like a boss….

When I grocery shop, I usually send up a quick prayer for good sales and wisdom to shop well with what I have available.  Today I paid on my grocery store account—all I could afford—then I rolled my buggy around the store looking for deals.  My local store has a bargain bin for things that might be a day or two out of date, but the food is still good.  I found quite a few useful items in there.  I also hit some awesome sales!  I walked out of the store like a boss with plenty.  My freezer is full, and I have food to cook.  Now the next issue is how to plan meals to make it all last as long as possible.  I better get to planning!

Mexican Food

After a dentist appointment this morning, my daughter and I had lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  The food was pretty good, the service was fast and friendly, but I couldn’t help thinking that I have the skills to fix things like that at home.  One reason we went was because it’s nice to have a meal we don’t have to fix once in a while.  It’s also a treat to head out of town sometimes.  Maybe it’s because our town is so far away from everything.

In light of yesterday’s post, I was disappointed in myself for spending the money to eat out.  I have decided I’m going to try to make some Mexican food for us in the next week or so.  I lived in Mexico for five years, and I know how to cook, so it shouldn’t be that difficult.  If I get stuck, I can always ask my friend Laurie to give me some tips.  She ran a Mexican restaurant back in the day. That’s how things get added to my list!

Grocery Shopping

Every time I head to the store, I silently vow to spend less than the month before. Every month I am disappointed in myself. I never mind spending money on food, but I do hate spending on the wrong things. My plan is to cook as much as possible. No more microwave stuff unless I have to be out of town and my daughter will have to fend for herself. We are both picky eaters, so meal planning can be a huge challenge.

Last month I bought a lot more “cooking” items, and we ate better meals that filled us up. I made a choice to focus on meats we like, and Bela has tried some new foods! Yea!!!!! I have a few more recipes that I am sure she likes instead of wasting money buying things she might eat. I enjoy making (and eating!) breakfast burritos, especially for supper. I saw a friend’s post on Facebook about bacon pancakes. They were a hit with my Bela. My friend Stacey gave me a simple chili recipe that Bela ate at her house. Success! Another success happened in the store this evening. Ysabela saw the stew meat in the cart and licked her chops. That’s a good sign! I figure I’ll add some potatoes and stuff to it in a crock pot, and we’ll have stew for a change. Bela is more of a carnivore than I am; I usually pick out the potatoes! (Now you know!)

Anyway, we’ll see how smart I can shop in the coming months. I am committed to saving money and eating better for less. (Thank you, Lisa, for sending us the coupons!)

Cooking Again!

I have cooked more this week than I have in the last month! I went to Laurie’s this evening so we could make zucchini bread. Her recipe was great! We ended up making four loaves from one zucchini (thank you, Bethany!). We took one loaf to Stacey. She was thrilled that it was still warm from the oven.

Laurie mixed up the batter.  I got to "clean" the bowl!

Laurie mixed up the batter. I got to “clean” the bowl!

The first two cooked quickly and tasted perfect!

The first two cooked quickly and tasted perfect!