Mexican Food

After a dentist appointment this morning, my daughter and I had lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  The food was pretty good, the service was fast and friendly, but I couldn’t help thinking that I have the skills to fix things like that at home.  One reason we went was because it’s nice to have a meal we don’t have to fix once in a while.  It’s also a treat to head out of town sometimes.  Maybe it’s because our town is so far away from everything.

In light of yesterday’s post, I was disappointed in myself for spending the money to eat out.  I have decided I’m going to try to make some Mexican food for us in the next week or so.  I lived in Mexico for five years, and I know how to cook, so it shouldn’t be that difficult.  If I get stuck, I can always ask my friend Laurie to give me some tips.  She ran a Mexican restaurant back in the day. That’s how things get added to my list!

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