Warped Tour

My daughter is nuts about the coming Warped Tour concerts.  I signed up for concert alerts and fan club tickets sale information and discovered that the closest concert to us is in Denver.  To Ysabela’s delight, five bands she likes confirmed their participation today.  More announcements will be coming on Wednesdays for the next few weeks.  Being the super mom I am, I even signed her up to get updates.  As you might imagine, she was thrilled.


I found out that there is “reverse day care” at the concerts for parents who need to rest.  They will have a tent set up with air conditioning, beverages and misting fans.  A complimentary parent admission is also included for minors attending the show.  That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

What Ysabela doesn’t know (and since she doesn’t read my blog I can say this) is that I already have her an early Christmas gift—a ticket to the Denver concert!  If you hear a scream around Christmas time, it will be her.  🙂

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