Dance class was interesting tonight, to say the least.  I showed up at the appointed time to discover that my CD (my beloved CD!) would not play on the library’s CD player.  I had already changed clothes at that point, but I ran out of the library wearing my leggings, exercise top and socks…yes, socks, no shoes.  I had to pick up my laptop to play the music for us.  I made it back in about three minutes right before the rain hit!

I expected maybe two ladies, but there were five of us!  Successful first meeting in my opinion!  I hope the ladies enjoyed class as much as I did.  It was so refreshing to have adult company at the end of a long school day.

Now I have homework of my own to prepare for next week’s class.  🙂  Practice makes perfect!


After a really long, busy week, I am still looking forward to starting up a belly dance class this coming week.  I am very sure this class is going to kick my butt—hard.  I am equally sure it will be worth it!

I took belly dance lessons (Egyptian style) many years ago, but I have such happy memories from that class.  I still have my CD of songs we used for everything.  I can still picture our warm-up stretch routine when I hear that first song.  The bad thing is that I do not know—and have never known—the names of the songs on my CD.  The good thing is that I have a copy of that beloved CD even though the old one was damaged.

I’m so excited about the class that I even dug out my hip scarf!  It has been with me through every challenge I’ve faced over the last fifteen years (or more!).  I guess it means more to me than I ever imagined it could.  It symbolizes things I’m not sure I can name, but the immediate one that comes to mind is joy.