We (parents and teachers) know how special our students are. We know their personalities and can appreciate them as they are while we do our best to teach and nurture them.

I had way too much free time this weekend. I ended up writing a rap song for my seventh graders.  Yes, a rap. I decided my kids needed a little bit of comedy, so I actually performed the song and allowed them to video me—something I never do! I worked in every kid’s name, so it was specific to them.

They seemed quite happy, and I even heard from some of the parents about the rap. I’m glad I made my kids smile. For now, though, it’s back to work!

If you’d like to see my version of crazy, a student put it on Youtube with the title “Crazy teacher went Eminem.”

The Teacher is Crazy!

Well, thanks to Berty Segal Cook, my students think I am loony. You should have seen their faces when they found out the test scheduled for next week has been cancelled. Then we tried some commands in Spanish. My students have been exposed to a lot of vocabulary, so they were able to do novel command combinations fairly quickly. Some students looked surprised (and a bit uncertain) when I told them to skip around the room or sit under a chair, but they were able to understand. That’s the most important thing of all.

I told them what the homework was, and a few students actually laughed. They were to choose six commands we did in class and draw a picture showing the actions. Colored pencils were passed out, and almost everyone finished before the end of the class period. I was happy to see they all felt successful and relaxed.




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