Gaps in Education

No matter where or when a student attends school, there will always be something that student doesn’t learn about that will be relevant in the future.  It happens with public schools, private schools, homeschools, you name it.  One kind of education hasn’t cornered the market on educational gaps.  They simply happen.  Nobody can know everything.  Keep in mind that each child is unique and different learning styles apply.  Teachers are also unique individuals.  Considering all of those variables, how can we be surprised that there are gaps in the first place?


Our homeschooling journey has felt like one struggle after another this year.  My daughter has turned 18, and she’s a senior.  If she’s not interested in something, she just won’t put forth an effort.  Kids are kids, right?  She has refused to try the ACT test again after her first (and only) attempt.  I understand that she feels discouraged.  I wish colleges would move toward other ways to gauge college readiness instead of relying on high-stakes tests that cannot possibly predict potential or anything else.  It seems to me that test makers are raking in millions at the expense of our children.  Big bucks are paid (not to students or teachers) for testing that serves only to exclude students from higher education.  How about changing our system to invite all students to participate?  How about finding what ignites a student’s passion and work from there?  How about making college an affordable option for everyone?

The things that interest my child are different from what interests other students.  I will tell you, however, that she is an expert when it comes to anime, cosplay and costume design among other things.  Maybe she should make a portfolio of her passions so she can show college admission staff what she has done and can do.  She amazes me when she casually mentions things she has learned from videos she watched while I was at work.  I have learned from her.  She’s resourceful, too.  She will get interested in something and dig until she has the information she wanted.  My girl is also a talented mimic, able to sing in several languages, and she learned online.  On her own.  Without my input.  I had virtually nothing to do with her research, and she did a fine job of learning something daily about various topics.

Maybe when she decides to try college, she will find the perfect fit.  I sure hope so!  She’ll need a place as amazing and unique as she is so she can fill the gaps and move on to a fabulous future.  I should keep reminding myself that she won’t be the only student filling gaps.

Good Neighbors and Friends

Friends look out for each other.  So do the best neighbors.  I am so lucky to have a a super-awesome neighbor.  She sent yummy chocolate cake over last night.  Another friend graciously provided our supper.  Ihave never enjoyed a chicken dinner more.  I just love nights when I don’t have to cook after a hard day!  My dear friends made my Monday better.  

Then there’s my crafting circle, but I’ll get into that another time.  

Slipping a Gear

Wow… I am, blogging and having coffee, at 5:30 a.m. I wish I could truthfully say it’s my special writing routine to be on the computer at this hour. We call it the butt crack of dawn, by the way. Alas, it was an error on my part (that has never happened before!). I figured I had to do laundry this morning since I’m off next weekend for fire school. I didn’t actually eyeball the schedule on the kitchen counter. Anyway, I “bounced” out of bed a bit after four, put the pups out (and back in) and hopped joyfully (?) into the shower. I remember thinking, “Oh, I wish I could sleep in this morning!”

Note to readers: When I say “bounce,” what really happens is I ricochet off the bed to the floor and stagger to the bathroom.

I walked across the street to work and met the other laundry gal coming from the other direction. We discussed the merits of sleeping in and went downstairs to check the schedule. I was pleasantly surprised. I AM OFF THIS WEEKEND! Oh, JOY! I got a couple of loads washing while she clocked in, we chatted a minute or two and Big Momma came home… climb into pajamas again, fix coffee, check the weather channel and blog. I should be snuggled in bed with the pups. They agree if the accusing looks I’ve been getting are any indication.

I have now reached the conclusion that Big Momma has slipped a gear. So be it. At least I will be reasonably rested when Monday rolls around!

Too Much or Not Enough?

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge

The question for today: Am I revealing too much about myself or not enough when I blog? To me, that’s a fairly simple question to answer—what you see (or read) is what you get. I am authentic. There are, however, some things I won’t blog about until certain things have happened. I’ll know when the time is right. Right now, I have a balance that I plan to maintain indefinitely.

How Has Blogging Changed My Life?

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge

I see things with a fresh perspective now. I have only been blogging a (very) short time, but I feel the need to take pictures of everything in case I might need something special for my blog posts. I do my best thinking when my hands are busy with laundry and my mind is flying free somewhere else.

What Blogging Has Taught Me

I have learned that the more work I have to do, the more I can get done. That might sound like a given, but not all people are like that. Many just complain about how much they have to do, but nothing ever gets accomplished. I’m the type of woman who makes a list and checks things off. I have been known to not have an item on my list, remember it and add it just so I can mark it “done.” I’m weird like that.
My mom always said if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. A busy person knows how to manage her time to make things happen.