It was good seeing my Annandale crew again last weekend.  It was also a pleasure to see student films submitted for the American History Film Project.  Our event took place at the Angelika Theater, and the red carpet was awesome! 


The Pain of Autism

Many people, more knowledgeable than I for sure, have posted profound essays about autism.  Many books have been written about the subject as well.  I have a read a few blogs and essays, but now I find myself researching in earnest due to a friendship that has blossomed.  Once the friendship cemented and started to grow, I found myself fascinated by my friend’s oldest child.  He, as you probably guessed, has autism.  Or maybe autism has him.  I’m still deciding how I “should” think (according to the experts.)

Some get offended if I say “an autistic child” because they feel that I stress the autism when the child matters more.  They prefer the use of “a child with autism.”  Other experts preach that parents shouldn’t wish for their autistic child to not have autism as it would change the specialness of said child.  I’ve reached the point where I throw the bull crap flag at that view.  I, for one, would like to know who that sweet child would be without the influence of autism.  It would be such a gift for that child to be able to tell me what he is wishing for, thinking, feeling.  I consider autism a disease, not a special quality.

I’ve been a problem solver all of my life, and this situation isn’t any different.  It’s actually one of the most important puzzles I’ve ever seen.  The maddening part is that I have no idea how to figure it out.  That does not mean, however, that I will simply shrug and walk away.  I’ve seen my friend cry too many tears to stand by and do nothing.

After falling in love with my friend’s littles, I have discovered a cold, hard truth: autism is painful.  It hurts a parent’s heart to watch the wall build up, all the while removing a child from the rest of the family.  Autism shreds a parent’s heart piece by piece.  Anyone who loves the child is affected.

With the current diagnosis rate of 1 out of every 68 children, maybe we all need to do some studying!



Good Neighbors and Friends

Friends look out for each other.  So do the best neighbors.  I am so lucky to have a a super-awesome neighbor.  She sent yummy chocolate cake over last night.  Another friend graciously provided our supper.  Ihave never enjoyed a chicken dinner more.  I just love nights when I don’t have to cook after a hard day!  My dear friends made my Monday better.  

Then there’s my crafting circle, but I’ll get into that another time.  

Finding My Bliss

I learned to knit several years ago, but I got out of the habit after I moved to Mexico.  This week, thanks to some encouraging friends, I have rediscovered my bliss.  I will admit to not being very good at knitting, but I do enjoy it.  Anything that is homemade will never be perfect.  I accept that.

My crocheting friend and I have spent a few hours plotting and scheming planning for a possible craft fair appearance later this year.  I’ll keep you updated.





Now that school is almost done for the year, I’m beginning to feel quite restless.  I need to head out of town for a few days and soon!  A change of scenery refreshes me.  Fortunately, Bela and I are heading to DC in a couple of weeks for the film exhibit for the American History Film Project (AHFP).  Bela is a great sidekick—easy to get along with and loves to travel.

I hope Bela takes advantage of the chance to see the war memorials and soak up some history in the short time we will be there.  I look forward to visiting friends I made last year.  Stay tuned—I’ll post all about it when we get home!




Unless you have a camera recording all the time, when events have passed, all you’ll have are flashes of memories—snippets.  My snippets from my latest “adventure” include: a frog-faced woman at the airport, a double rainbow in Merida, ice cream with Maestro Wilmer, riding the bus with Judith, playing air hockey with Chary….There are so many memories in my head, I’m afraid they’ll be forgotten before I can put them on paper.  Gone like leaves in the wind.  Some things I wish I could forget.  Those things are tucked away until they are manageable.

Mex (18)



Leticia's restaurant has fabulous food!

Leticia’s restaurant has fabulous food!


Changes Are Coming

In spite of the weather outside (It just started sleeting!), I feel better today than I have in weeks. 🙂 I had enough motivation to visit Laura and her adorable bunch. It’s been a while since I felt like getting out of my jammies long enough to drive out there. Today Ysabela and I decided there was gas in the car, and we had the time and energy. We called ahead, gathered movies, dolls and hair pretties for the girls and went out. Laura is always full of cool ideas, so it was nice to be in good company. We discussed kids, school, homeschooling and life in general. She commented that I seemed happy. Honestly, I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. In the last few weeks I have made some tough decisions, but I am at peace about them all. Changes are coming!

Bela took this of me with "my" two babies.  Laura did all the work!

Bela took this of me with “my” two babies. Laura did all the work!

I feel that the changes for my tiny family will be positive. I’ll be busy at work while Bela will be busy at home. We are both quite excited. With that happening, I need to keep the household running efficiently. If you have been keeping up with the blog, you know I have been cooking more lately, but now I would like to take our kitchen to the next level.

I am already thinking about how to cook meals in advance to keep things running smoothly. My friends post links on Facebook all the time about making meals and freezing extra portions. Maybe I could combine forces (and resources) with a friend or two and have a baking day so we could swap some meals for variety. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming other ways to make and save more money. My dear friend, Lisa, sends coupons on a regular basis, and I am thrilled to use them! If you have other great ideas, please feel free to leave a comment!


So I hauled my big carcass out of my chair and went to make egg rolls today. Was it ever worth it! I came home with the lion’s share of egg rolls because Stacey and her family don’t eat as many as we do. This time around we added more sugar to the mix, so this batch was even better than the first we made. It was time well spent with good friends and good food.

We again used pork and chicken.

We again used pork and chicken.

This is what the paper looks like before it is soaked in hot water.

This is what the paper looks like before it is soaked in hot water.

The wrappers become pliable after being dipped in hot water.

The wrappers become pliable after being dipped in hot water.

Stacey can wrap them much neater than I can!

Stacey can wrap them much neater than I can!

A few examples of the finished product....

A few examples of the finished product….