A Productive Day

I got up earlier than planned this morning, so after my first cup of coffee, I threw on enough clothes to avoid arrest and went to feed a pal’s cats and make sure Bela’s horse, Oreo, had plenty of fresh water for the day.  Oreo was happy that I showed up with a bit of grain for her (not that she needs it).  I even managed to check the mail and take out the trash.  (In all fairness, Bela helped with the trash.)

The part of my day that made me feel super, über productive was attending a few webinars for teachers.  I signed up for five, but I think I might skip the one about math apps.  I can always watch it later if I need it, but math is not my area of expertise.  I teach 7th grade world history and Spanish (in case you didn’t already know that).

Anyway, I have already started typing my notes to share with a fellow educator using my Google Drive.  My friend, Wilmer (in Mexico) was “stuck” in meetings today, so I promised that I’d share my notes.  Wilmer and I are a lot alike.  We are language teachers who always keep learning, and we enjoy collaborating.

My friends know I collect certificates, and I’m always seeking online (and free) classes.  I need to stay busy.  (I just started a Chinese for Beginners class on Coursera!)  Staying busy keeps me out of trouble (always a good thing), and the classes can be done in my living room.  In my jammies.  You can’t beat that kind of convenience.

This morning I attended Lauren Boucher’s “15 Free Mobile Apps to Promote Creativity through Creation,” Shelly Terrell’s “15 Free Mobile Digital Storytelling Apps,” and Dr. Jayme Linton’s “15 Free Mobile Apps to Engage and Motivate Learners.”  I knew about some of the apps, but there were many more I hadn’t heard of.  I am so glad I took the time to attend!

If you are a teacher who loves technology, please head on over to Simplek12 and sign up for some really interesting and helpful webinars.  You won’t be disappointed.



Hi Ho, To The Vet We Go

My little Jinx pup was not feeling her best yesterday, so off to the vet we went.  I left the room when the vet and his helper drew blood, but my poor baby cried.  She’s so thin-skinned!  It looked like a massacre had taken place when I got back there when they were done!  They had to poke her twice to get enough blood to analyze.  The tech ended up with blood on her hand, and it transferred back to Jinx.  The tech cleaned her up, and I comforted my furry kid as best I could.

Jinx is a much loved family member.  They all are!

Jinx is a much loved family member. They all are!

I think she is now on the mend, but when we got home I noticed that Jersey the Maine Coon was grooming and growling when I tried to take a look.  I loaded her up this morning, and we went to the vet.


The vet said he might need to sedate Jersey to get a good look at the problem, so he told me to go get some coffee.  I stayed away as long as I could (about ten minutes!) and returned to see what was going on.  Poor Jersey had a problem with her anal glands.  Since the glands were full and they keep producing more “gunk”, it had no place to go.  According to the vet, it took the “path of least resistance” and made an opening in her soft tissue.  OUCH!  My poor sweet girl!

The problem has been fixed—she was “cleaned out” and medicated, and she also has some meds to start this weekend.  Jersey acts like she feels better already, so that makes me happy.


How’s Your Day?

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there.  How has your day been so far?  Mine started out in a wonderful way—I got to sleep late!  I even managed to get my teen motivated to help me relocate some clutter from the dining room down to the basement.  That felt even better than sleeping late!  🙂

Poppy cat is so smart—she saw me opening and closing the door to the basement, so she had to try it for herself.  She was stretching up to grab the door knob.  I’m glad she doesn’t have a thumb, or I would be in trouble!  Of course, every time I tried to catch her in the act, she would look innocent and pretend not to care.