My daughter and I were having breakfast in a neighboring town this morning when she blindsided me quite neatly.

Bela (pointing): Hey, Mom, you need that lighter! 

Me: Which one?

Bela: That skull lighter!

(Note: I love Day of the Dead and anything related to it!)

Me: Why?

Bela: Because it’s awesome!

Me: And I am, too?

Bela (sincerely): Yeah.


Bucket List: Carhenge

My daughter and I have lived in Nebraska for seven years, but we hadn’t had the time to see Carhenge in Alliance.  All of that changed this week!  We were thrilled that our friend, Lelania, helped us cross it off of our bucket list.


Bullying=Rite of Passage?

When parents are discussing bullying, you are likely to hear some (or all) of the following:
* It’s a rite of passage.
* I survived it, and it made me stronger.
* Kids will be kids.
* It’s normal in school.
* You can’t protect your kid from everything.
* There are bullies everywhere; kids have to learn to handle them.
* It’s not so bad.

Do you agree with any of those statements? I can see how parents can think that bullying is an unavoidable fact of life, but I disagree that bullying is “normal” or a “rite of passage.” My job as a parent is to teach my child to behave better than the bullies. It’s also my job to shield her and protect her from abuse. It helps that I am aggressive by nature. 🙂

Even as a kid in high school, I defended the underdog. Kids would pick on the ones who didn’t fit in and make fun of economically disadvantaged students, but when I saw it, I took a stand. It was not—and is not—funny. I’m not telling this to make you think I’m “better” than anyone else; I’m trying to let you know that one voice can make a difference. Especially if that voice is loud and persistent!

We are inundated by stories of bullying and teen suicide. Don’t you think it’s time we make our voices heard? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Bullying is neither acceptable nor normal. Shouldn’t we teach our kids that making fun of others is wrong? Isn’t there enough room on this planet for differences? Shouldn’t we make the bullies accountable for their destructive behavior? Shouldn’t they be the ones in counseling? Instead of doing “damage control” for the victims of bullying, shouldn’t some strong consequences be in place to stop it in the first place?

Some bullies, when confronted, make excuses and blame everyone else to avoid taking responsibility. We are told we should feel sorry for the bullies because:
* They come from broken homes.
* They can’t help it.
* His/her parents are alcoholics/drug addicts.
* They didn’t mean to do it!
* They were just playing around.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy any of those excuses. I may feel sory for unfortunate circumstances, but each person is responsible for his/her own actions no matter what. There are plenty of kids from broken homes who do not choose to abuse others. (I realize there are disorders that make control difficult, but there are treatments available.)
It’s time to accept responsibility, speak up for those who can’t and teach our children compassion.

State Fair

Our county has a wonderful 4H leader, and I appreciate all the work Sue does on behalf of our children. She helps the kids learn new things, schedules workshops to create projects for fair, and transports projects to state fair and sets them up. She is an amazing lady. She even took this picture for me since I couldn’t get to state fair myself! Thank you, Sue, for all you do for us.

Thanks to Sue, I have a picture of Bela's project!

Thanks to Sue, I have a picture of Bela’s project!


I had wanted to bake some dog treats for a couple of weeks, so I finally did it. I made time to do something fun. My dogs love the peanut butter treats, and I enjoy delivering them to friends with dogs. My daughter ended up “taste testing” a couple of them! She was able to personally endorse the treats as we delivered them to neighbors.

Dog treat delivery!

Dog treat delivery!

I found out a neighbor had to put his beloved dog to sleep, but he found another canine that needed him. He was first on my list. I was sad, but glad he has company. She is a lovely dog, and she found a wonderful home.

We took treats to a ranching friend of mine as well. Her two dogs are adorable, of course. Then we dropped off a few treats to the best neighbor ever. All dogs seemed interested in the containers, so I think they will enjoy their snacks.

What did kindness cost me? I had the ingredients here waiting to be used. The containers were very economically priced at Oriental Trading Company. I ordered them months ago, so I might as well use them, right? I spent about an hour of my time and got my hands a little messy. Seeing the neighbors smile was pretty cheap.

The Chicken Chick