I had wanted to bake some dog treats for a couple of weeks, so I finally did it. I made time to do something fun. My dogs love the peanut butter treats, and I enjoy delivering them to friends with dogs. My daughter ended up “taste testing” a couple of them! She was able to personally endorse the treats as we delivered them to neighbors.

Dog treat delivery!

Dog treat delivery!

I found out a neighbor had to put his beloved dog to sleep, but he found another canine that needed him. He was first on my list. I was sad, but glad he has company. She is a lovely dog, and she found a wonderful home.

We took treats to a ranching friend of mine as well. Her two dogs are adorable, of course. Then we dropped off a few treats to the best neighbor ever. All dogs seemed interested in the containers, so I think they will enjoy their snacks.

What did kindness cost me? I had the ingredients here waiting to be used. The containers were very economically priced at Oriental Trading Company. I ordered them months ago, so I might as well use them, right? I spent about an hour of my time and got my hands a little messy. Seeing the neighbors smile was pretty cheap.

The Chicken Chick

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