State Fair

Our county has a wonderful 4H leader, and I appreciate all the work Sue does on behalf of our children. She helps the kids learn new things, schedules workshops to create projects for fair, and transports projects to state fair and sets them up. She is an amazing lady. She even took this picture for me since I couldn’t get to state fair myself! Thank you, Sue, for all you do for us.

Thanks to Sue, I have a picture of Bela's project!

Thanks to Sue, I have a picture of Bela’s project!

Fair Week!

In addition to Ysbaela’s cookie jar, she put together two cultural exhibits. The Day of the Dead one was simple, just a few paragraphs explaining the pictures we put in the frames. The family grouping had a lot more. Her explanation included mention of the Melungeons and the Cherokee ancestry we have. I sincerely hope she places high in her categories. I also hope her cookie jar sells for a respectable amount. It’s a minion, after all. ­čÖé

Pictures of La Catrina and the graveyard in Seye, Mexico

Pictures of La Catrina and the graveyard in Seye, Mexico

Family Grouping for a Heritage exhibit

Family Grouping for a Heritage exhibit

Junk to Treasure

Ysabela and I were channel surfing last night and stumbled upon Junk Gypsies. Apparently, business is good for those girls. Turning trash into treasure can be a rewarding experience for those with vision, talent and creativity. In my case, time and tools for crafting would play a pivotal role! These Junk Gypsy girls have a workshop that any redneck Santa would envy. Their parents are also on standby to help with projects. I really enjoyed watching old things become upcycled treasures. I guess our favorite project from the show was the pinball machine table top. The girls found a pinball machine top, covered it with plexiglass and added legs for a super sewing table!

Ysabela is now thinking of projects we can do. To defend myself, I started following Amie and Jolie on Pinterest. You never know what picture will spark a creative fire at our place. We have several ideas for projects, but we have to gather supplies and hoard some time to create. ­čÖé She has already made a shelf and a set of clothes line poles in shop class. I can’t wait to hang my wash on the line!

We found a chandelier at a yard sale for $1. It can be upcycled into a terrarium. I also bought some shelves and tables for $1 each at another yard sale. Those can be refinished if we feel like it. This year, Bela and I will be on the look out for pallets. I plan to revisit my own 4H Pinterest board to remind myself what I wanted to get done! It’s shaping up to be a busy summer.