Concert Time is Coming!

I took my Spanish Honor Society students to a Spanish language concert last year. The performer, Ennio Emmanuel, was sponsored by the Justo Lamas Group. Justo always puts on a fabulous show, and Ennio didn’t disappoint either. Both singers are inspirational, approachable and adorable. This year I will be taking a smaller group (due to our school athletic calendar), but we plan to have a great time. I am looking forward to the concert in October (as you can probably tell!).

Justo and Ennio both work hard to motivate students to speak Spanish and enjoy it. The audience members get plenty of chances to go on stage and sing or dance. Even teachers get into the act! Look the guys up on Facebook, and if you’re a Spanish teacher, consider hosting a concert. You won’t be sorry!

I still have the rose!  :)

I still have the rose! 🙂

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