Drama Queen

Our little dog, Jinx, had been needing a nail trim for a while.  I tried to handle the issue on my own, but Jinx already has me figured out.  I’d think I was making progress by taking a tip off of one nail when I could.  I’d go for a second nail, and she’d start mouthing my hand or trying to play.  Everything’s a game with her!

Bela even helped me a couple of times, but it was a no-go.  Jinx was chewing my thumb one time while I was trying to snip a nail.  It felt like her teeth went to the bone!  The last time, I had barely touched her foot with my hands when she screamed in “pain.”  Manipulation is what it was!

Koko’s Palace, our only in-town option for grooming and doggie daycare, is going to be closed for a month starting February first.  I called right away for an appointment for Jinx.  I dropped her off with Cindy with worry in my heart.  Cindy told me later that she had the nails trimmed before I made it to town.  Jinx is a little drama dog!


She may look innocent, but she’s sneaky.


Stealth Biting

Our little dog, Jinx, loves to play and bite.  It could be argued (successfully) that all three dogs are spoiled rotten, but that’s not the point.  I’m usually at the desk, but sometimes I sit on the couch.  When I do, the dogs all crowd close to me.  Chance is a snuggler, Boxi wants to be within licking distance of my foot, but Jinx gets close enough to drape herself across my lap.

Normally, I start petting her.  She begins by licking my hand.  Then she starts “talking”  and play growling.  She doesn’t look like a menace with her dark brown eyes and “eyeliner,”  but she is.  Sooner rather than later, she starts gnawing on my finger.  Is there some part of her that thinks if she is discreet enough I won’t notice?  It seems my hand “accidentally” ends up I her little mouth with those sharp fangs.

She looks innocent, doesn't she?

She looks innocent, doesn’t she?

Hi Ho, To The Vet We Go

My little Jinx pup was not feeling her best yesterday, so off to the vet we went.  I left the room when the vet and his helper drew blood, but my poor baby cried.  She’s so thin-skinned!  It looked like a massacre had taken place when I got back there when they were done!  They had to poke her twice to get enough blood to analyze.  The tech ended up with blood on her hand, and it transferred back to Jinx.  The tech cleaned her up, and I comforted my furry kid as best I could.

Jinx is a much loved family member.  They all are!

Jinx is a much loved family member. They all are!

I think she is now on the mend, but when we got home I noticed that Jersey the Maine Coon was grooming and growling when I tried to take a look.  I loaded her up this morning, and we went to the vet.


The vet said he might need to sedate Jersey to get a good look at the problem, so he told me to go get some coffee.  I stayed away as long as I could (about ten minutes!) and returned to see what was going on.  Poor Jersey had a problem with her anal glands.  Since the glands were full and they keep producing more “gunk”, it had no place to go.  According to the vet, it took the “path of least resistance” and made an opening in her soft tissue.  OUCH!  My poor sweet girl!

The problem has been fixed—she was “cleaned out” and medicated, and she also has some meds to start this weekend.  Jersey acts like she feels better already, so that makes me happy.


Snow Day!

How do you spend a snow day?  Some people go outside and make snow angels.  Others love to build igloos or snowmen.  My way to enjoy a snow day is to snuggle my puppies!  I call my dogs puppies because they are fifteen pounds or less, but they are adult dogs.  I went to my room to lounge for a bit, but my bed was already occupied.  I managed to wiggle in anyway, and the pictures tell the rest of the story.

She's always "got my back!"

She’s always “got my back!”

Jinx was keeping my legs warm.

Jinx was keeping my legs warm.

Chance is a champion napper.

Chance is a champion napper.

Boxi, Jinx and Chance know how to guard my bed!

Boxi, Jinx and Chance know how to guard my bed!

Quiet Christmas…and a Book!

School is winding down for Christmas vacation.  My students have been counting the days.  So have I, actually.  I can’t wait to come home and be able to stay home and do nothing!  I really am looking forward to just curling up with a good book and a blanket.  The dogs and cats will snuggle with me, of course.

All I really want for Christmas is some quiet time.  I quit putting up a tree years ago.  Ysabela is old enough to be fine with that.  Santa doesn’t come here, but she knows to ask me for things she wants.  That’s also fine.

I have found myself checking my classroom for neat books to read.  I was thinking of reading Como agua para chocolate again.  It’s a wonderful book I read in college.   This week in class, I assigned topics (people) for biographies.  One of my students was lucky enough (?) to have Laura Esquivel, so I shared some information about the book.  Once the student found a website with a summary of each chapter, she read the whole thing!  Did I get mad that she read an English summary?  No.  I was just super happy that she wanted to learn about the novel at all.  The recipes grabbed her attention, and she was a goner!  🙂  That’s the kind of book I want for Christmas!

Dog Tired

This is what happens when the babies spend a night away from home. They must have played and barked and carried on all night just like kids at a slumber party. I was as excited as they were when I picked them up to come home, so they played, barked and ate supper. After a trip outside, they became couch (and chair) potatoes!

Chance, guardian of the chair!

Chance, guardian of the chair!

Boxita, keeper of the couch!

Boxita, keeper of the couch!

Jinx spent her first night at doggie daycare.  I'm sure she made new friends.

Jinx spent her first night at doggie daycare. I’m sure she made new friends.

The Chicken Chick

Feliz Friday

Maybe I should have written “fleece” Friday! With temperatures dropping into the forties (and below), our little Jinx is already feeling the chill. My daughter and I noticed that Jinx had cold ears, so Ysabela commandeered Boxita’s fleece coat for her to wear. Jinx, of course, looked completely adorable in it!

Jinx enjoyed the warmth from Boxi's coat.

Jinx enjoyed the warmth from Boxi’s coat.

She didn't know what to think at first, but she got warmer!

She didn’t know what to think at first, but she got warmer!