Drama Queen

Our little dog, Jinx, had been needing a nail trim for a while.  I tried to handle the issue on my own, but Jinx already has me figured out.  I’d think I was making progress by taking a tip off of one nail when I could.  I’d go for a second nail, and she’d start mouthing my hand or trying to play.  Everything’s a game with her!

Bela even helped me a couple of times, but it was a no-go.  Jinx was chewing my thumb one time while I was trying to snip a nail.  It felt like her teeth went to the bone!  The last time, I had barely touched her foot with my hands when she screamed in “pain.”  Manipulation is what it was!

Koko’s Palace, our only in-town option for grooming and doggie daycare, is going to be closed for a month starting February first.  I called right away for an appointment for Jinx.  I dropped her off with Cindy with worry in my heart.  Cindy told me later that she had the nails trimmed before I made it to town.  Jinx is a little drama dog!


She may look innocent, but she’s sneaky.


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