Quiet Christmas…and a Book!

School is winding down for Christmas vacation.  My students have been counting the days.  So have I, actually.  I can’t wait to come home and be able to stay home and do nothing!  I really am looking forward to just curling up with a good book and a blanket.  The dogs and cats will snuggle with me, of course.

All I really want for Christmas is some quiet time.  I quit putting up a tree years ago.  Ysabela is old enough to be fine with that.  Santa doesn’t come here, but she knows to ask me for things she wants.  That’s also fine.

I have found myself checking my classroom for neat books to read.  I was thinking of reading Como agua para chocolate again.  It’s a wonderful book I read in college.   This week in class, I assigned topics (people) for biographies.  One of my students was lucky enough (?) to have Laura Esquivel, so I shared some information about the book.  Once the student found a website with a summary of each chapter, she read the whole thing!  Did I get mad that she read an English summary?  No.  I was just super happy that she wanted to learn about the novel at all.  The recipes grabbed her attention, and she was a goner!  🙂  That’s the kind of book I want for Christmas!

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