Inside Dogs (and Cats!)

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire….you can sing the rest, I’m sure.  Can we remember our furry friends before we get cozy in front of the fireplace?

Some people think animals can handle below zero temperatures.  Maybe those people should try sitting in an outside dog house for an hour before they decide.  Animals should be family members, right?  Mine sure are!  They snuggle in the house with us all the time.  We take them out to potty, but they certainly don’t live outside.

One of our little dogs is very “thin-skinned.”  She has short fur and gets cold easily.  Yes, my friends, she does have a sweater!  Is that a reason to put her out in the kennel for en extended period of time in extremely cold weather?  NO!

If you happen to see an animal out in the cold, please take action!  Talk to the owner and offer support and/or advice as needed.  If no action is taken and the animal is still suffering in the cold, call your local police.  Family members deserve better.

Jinx gets cold easily.

Jinx gets cold easily.

Winter Hat Mandatory!

I learned very quickly that Nebraska can get really cold really fast. Ysabela and I came here from Mexico, so we thought we would never be warm again after our first 30 below winter experience. Our exchange student must feel the same way. Ysabela has been very sympathetic, perhaps remembering our first Nebraska winter. She had an extra hat, so she gave it to Joao.

Joao is trying to stay warm.  :)

Joao is trying to stay warm. 🙂

Feliz Friday

Maybe I should have written “fleece” Friday! With temperatures dropping into the forties (and below), our little Jinx is already feeling the chill. My daughter and I noticed that Jinx had cold ears, so Ysabela commandeered Boxita’s fleece coat for her to wear. Jinx, of course, looked completely adorable in it!

Jinx enjoyed the warmth from Boxi's coat.

Jinx enjoyed the warmth from Boxi’s coat.

She didn't know what to think at first, but she got warmer!

She didn’t know what to think at first, but she got warmer!