Stealth Biting

Our little dog, Jinx, loves to play and bite.  It could be argued (successfully) that all three dogs are spoiled rotten, but that’s not the point.  I’m usually at the desk, but sometimes I sit on the couch.  When I do, the dogs all crowd close to me.  Chance is a snuggler, Boxi wants to be within licking distance of my foot, but Jinx gets close enough to drape herself across my lap.

Normally, I start petting her.  She begins by licking my hand.  Then she starts “talking”  and play growling.  She doesn’t look like a menace with her dark brown eyes and “eyeliner,”  but she is.  Sooner rather than later, she starts gnawing on my finger.  Is there some part of her that thinks if she is discreet enough I won’t notice?  It seems my hand “accidentally” ends up I her little mouth with those sharp fangs.

She looks innocent, doesn't she?

She looks innocent, doesn’t she?

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