I got an email near the beginning of April to inform me of a writing camp coming up in April and July.  Yes, you guessed it—I signed up!  It’s called Camp Nanowrimo in case you’re interested and need motivation and encouragement to write a few lines!

Those who know me will remember that I have been writing a book for quite a while now.  This writing camp put me in touch with other aspiring authors.  My “cabin mates” have been great, but I was so busy that I didn’t even start writing again until about a week ago.  My current word count is up to 9,632 words!  I’m almost halfway to my personal goal!  Every word I write is a victory for me.  My book, White Skin, Mexican Heart, details my family’s experiences in Mexico.  If you’re really interested in getting a sneak peek at it, you can find it here:


The best part about writing is that I can do it after work, and I can wear my jammies while I do it.  🙂

Ysabela got me head phones for my birthday!  I was thinking I needed a pair, but I hadn't mentioned it out loud!

Ysabela got me head phones for my birthday! I was thinking I needed a pair, but I hadn’t mentioned it out loud!






A Lofty Goal?

I spent all summer stressing over finishing classes, work and all the other daily responsibilities like cooking dinner and having meaningful conversations with my teen and more. I tried hard to fit in the important things, but too often I got sidetracked by tiny details that don’t really matter in the long run.

Your opinion of what matters might very well be different from mine, but I have a goal—I have started writing a book, and I want to finish it. I’m only 13 pages into it, but all writers begin with a sentence, right?

I am ashamed to say that I didn’t add one word to my rough draft over the summer. Since my work and study schedules are lighter this year, I think it’s time to remedy that. Maybe I will have a completed manuscript by the end of the school year.