One More Challenge

I got word this week that my final exam for my Master’s will be November 7. I read the email twice to make sure I gleaned all the information, then I shot an email back asking for more specific information. I finished my last class over the summer, so the material isn’t as fresh in my mind as I would have wanted it to be, especially for such a high-stakes test.

I have contacted my other two professors to make sure I focus on the right parts of each course, and I am starting my review tonight. All this material is from the last two years of my studies! We covered a lot of topics! From curriculum development to sheltered instruction to Latin American literature, we studied it all!

Am I nervous? A little. Will I pass? I have to. This four question, three-hour marathon test is all standing between me and accomplishing a goal I set for myself. The bottom line is that I’ve come too far to let an exam beat me! Game on!

This is my (ugly) game face.

This is my (ugly) game face.

A Lofty Goal?

I spent all summer stressing over finishing classes, work and all the other daily responsibilities like cooking dinner and having meaningful conversations with my teen and more. I tried hard to fit in the important things, but too often I got sidetracked by tiny details that don’t really matter in the long run.

Your opinion of what matters might very well be different from mine, but I have a goal—I have started writing a book, and I want to finish it. I’m only 13 pages into it, but all writers begin with a sentence, right?

I am ashamed to say that I didn’t add one word to my rough draft over the summer. Since my work and study schedules are lighter this year, I think it’s time to remedy that. Maybe I will have a completed manuscript by the end of the school year.