Christmas Plans

Fa-la-la-la-la…NO.  My Christmas plans probably won’t have any resemblance to yours, but that’s fine with me.  There’s no tree here, but there are a few gifts scattered around the house.  I think it’s safe to say I’ll be enjoying some time off from work, but beyond that, I will schedule some writing time.  Yes, you read that correctly—writing time!  I have a novel that’s been “in progress” for a few years now, and I can see light at the end of the tunnel.  I feel like it’s time to wrap it up.

It started as the germ of an idea after I moved from Mexico back to the United States.  Wanting to chronicle our “adventures” (and a few misadventures), I put pen to paper, then words on a computer document.  I even managed to take part in NaNoWriMo a time or two.  Bit by bit, progress was made.  A few hundred words at a time.  Slow, but advancing, right?  There’s no set word count I need; I figure I’ll know when it’s done.  For those interested, however, I can say I have over 12,000 words, and the title is White Skin, Mexican Heart.  There are still so many mini-stories to tell!

I have spent a lot of “home time” contemplating writing, but every time I would sit down to write a few lines, something would distract me from my purpose.  Daily living leaves little time for writing, as many of you know.  That’s why I am making time.  Santa Claus will understand, I’m sure.  If he really believes I’ve been good this year, he can bring me a new laptop!  🙂

One fond memory from Mexico---the bakery!

One fond memory from Mexico—the bakery!




I got an email near the beginning of April to inform me of a writing camp coming up in April and July.  Yes, you guessed it—I signed up!  It’s called Camp Nanowrimo in case you’re interested and need motivation and encouragement to write a few lines!

Those who know me will remember that I have been writing a book for quite a while now.  This writing camp put me in touch with other aspiring authors.  My “cabin mates” have been great, but I was so busy that I didn’t even start writing again until about a week ago.  My current word count is up to 9,632 words!  I’m almost halfway to my personal goal!  Every word I write is a victory for me.  My book, White Skin, Mexican Heart, details my family’s experiences in Mexico.  If you’re really interested in getting a sneak peek at it, you can find it here:

The best part about writing is that I can do it after work, and I can wear my jammies while I do it.  🙂

Ysabela got me head phones for my birthday!  I was thinking I needed a pair, but I hadn't mentioned it out loud!

Ysabela got me head phones for my birthday! I was thinking I needed a pair, but I hadn’t mentioned it out loud!