New Duds

I told a fellow teacher this morning that I feel like a fake.  (She had just complimented my new clothes.)  I usually dress casual/comfortable, but lately I’ve branched out to wear dressier styles.  I still (and will always) love my skorts from Christopher & Banks (below), but I’m getting a bit braver with fashion.



I enjoy seeing what’s available from Lisa at My Big Sister’s Closet, and once I was inspired to call the shop to place an order.  Miss Lisa herself was on the other end of the line.  She found out my preferences, took my card number and put together a few items for me.  She then texted me pictures of the options, I made decisions and texted back.  It was that simple. The package arrived withing the week, and everything was perfect.  I could get used to having a personal shopper!


I was lucky to find leggings at Maurice’s in the mall, so I bought three pairs in black.  (Not even sorry!)  The turquoise/black/grey tunic (below) is from Dollar General!


In case you can’t tell, I hate posing for pics, but I wanted to show some of my new tunic tops.  The leggings are great because I prefer to cover my legs, and autumn weather is finally here.  (Thanks to Miss Trisha for taking the photos.)



Free Stylin’

It was really nice to check my closet this morning and find something I wanted to wear.  Ever since my trip to Maurice’s, it’s been less stressful getting ready for school.  I combined something “old” with something new.  Thanks to Grace for taking this picture.



Thanks to Hannah for taking this pic.

Thanks to Hannah for taking this pic.

Believe it or not, I found all of the components for this particular outfit in my closet.  I remember buying the flared skirt for a flamenco dancing class I had signed up for.  I had to cancel because the weather was turning nasty.  It hasn’t been offered again (sadly).  I had been waiting for the chance to use my fancy purple scarf, and today was the day.  🙂


Dressing Up

The first thing I did this morning was snag a student to take a picture for me.  Thank you, Brodie, for helping me out.  I needed a picture as early as possible before I got busy and frazzled.  🙂


I had a lot of positive comments throughout the day since I usually live in my jeans and T-shirts.  One colleague thought I had “done” my hair, but I just washed it, brushed and slapped a head band on.  The rest was natural.  My normal “do” is a pony tail.  Every time someone would tell me how nice I looked, my response was, “Michaela did this.”  I told a few people that it felt really different, and I always worry that it looks like two raccoons in a sack of corn….


Shopping Therapy

I normally hate shopping for clothes.  I go when I have to, but tonight was one of those rare happy shopping trips.  I guess I should explain.

Every since the love of my life was murdered in March, I have felt like I’ve been waiting to die.  I haven’t wanted to shop or do much of anything.  Every day I just do what is necessary and no more.  Shopping is usually on the back burner.  I’ve never really liked shopping for clothes because I feel so fat.  It’s not the clothes I’m unhappy with; I don’t like my body type.  I have a healthy food baby.  🙂

Today I figured that my body is not likely to change since I’m lazy, so I might as well get some nice duds anyway.  I also realized that my dear Arold would have wanted me to have nice clothes no matter what.  He loved me fat or thin, and he never complained about spending money on food and clothes.

Lucky for me that Michaela, a former student, now works at Maurice’s, my absolute favorite store in the mall.  I was double lucky because many cool items were on clearance for 75% off!  (Ysabela, my daughter, even got a few things tonight.)  I felt better about spending the money when I got home and totaled up what I would have paid if things had not been on clearance.  I saved a whopping $260.

Michaela sent me this pic to use. Isn't she adorable?

Michaela sent me this pic to use. Isn’t she adorable?

I’ll post some pictures of the outfits Michaela helped me pick out.  I think those Maurice’s girls should get commissions because they are awesome.  Having a “personal shopping assistant” is like hitting the lottery for me since I have absolutely no sense of style!