Prama….the drama that is prom.  I have never had such a hard time finding a dress in my life.  My Bela has been looking for a dress for weeks!  After fighting for her right to go to prom (with a date from our town), she found a date, but it was already late—the first week of March.  (Prom is March 18!)  I took her to the prom shop in the mall, but they couldn’t find her size.  I then went to JC Penney and ordered a dress, but I had doubts that it would fit.  Then we trudged to the car, worn out and stressed, and headed home.


My friend, Crystal, was all over Amazon, and she ordered a dress.  The delivery date was “between March 17 and March 29.”  That wouldn’t work, obviously!  By then, I had panicked, and I had gone to Hirschfeld’s Prom Shop.  After two trips there in one week, we found a dress that fit and put it on hold “just in case.”  So…then came the scramble: I canceled the order from JC Penney, got my money back, Crystal canceled the first Amazon order and ordered a second dress on Amazon (5-day shipping!), and we all waited while I gnawed my nails down to the quick (figuratively if not literally).

The Amazon order arrived—RIGHT ON TIME!—and, miracle of miracles, it fit!!!  It seems the drama that is prom is handled….



Bela went to prom in her dress we bought on Amazon. Crystal did her hair, and Bela had a great time.



Somehow I ended up at the mall yesterday with my friend.  She told me to head to Riddles and see about getting my ruby ring repaired because I’d been complaining about the prongs being bent.  Turns out the guy there was awesome, and he fixed it in a matter of minutes—for free!  I didn’t see that coming!

While she went to Justice to get an outfit for a little one, I proceeded to a kiosk nearby.  I was looking for something anime for Bela since the prices were right—50% off.  I found a Walking Dead planner we can use for assignments and a Dr. Who trivia game.  Bela was thrilled when I unpacked the bags.


Shopping Therapy

I normally hate shopping for clothes.  I go when I have to, but tonight was one of those rare happy shopping trips.  I guess I should explain.

Every since the love of my life was murdered in March, I have felt like I’ve been waiting to die.  I haven’t wanted to shop or do much of anything.  Every day I just do what is necessary and no more.  Shopping is usually on the back burner.  I’ve never really liked shopping for clothes because I feel so fat.  It’s not the clothes I’m unhappy with; I don’t like my body type.  I have a healthy food baby.  🙂

Today I figured that my body is not likely to change since I’m lazy, so I might as well get some nice duds anyway.  I also realized that my dear Arold would have wanted me to have nice clothes no matter what.  He loved me fat or thin, and he never complained about spending money on food and clothes.

Lucky for me that Michaela, a former student, now works at Maurice’s, my absolute favorite store in the mall.  I was double lucky because many cool items were on clearance for 75% off!  (Ysabela, my daughter, even got a few things tonight.)  I felt better about spending the money when I got home and totaled up what I would have paid if things had not been on clearance.  I saved a whopping $260.

Michaela sent me this pic to use. Isn't she adorable?

Michaela sent me this pic to use. Isn’t she adorable?

I’ll post some pictures of the outfits Michaela helped me pick out.  I think those Maurice’s girls should get commissions because they are awesome.  Having a “personal shopping assistant” is like hitting the lottery for me since I have absolutely no sense of style!




Ugly Anniversary

I usually keep personal business out of my blog, but today is different.  Today marks a month since my soul mate/life partner was murdered far away from me and Ysabela.  The ugliness of what happened has haunted me, and I spent the day thinking about what (and who) I have lost.  I know Ysabela lost someone dear to her, too.

At the end of every conversation with her daddy, I always promised him that I would take care of our girl no matter what.  When she asked if we could go to the mall and a movie today after I finished work, I consulted my check book, inwardly groaned and said, “Sure!  Let’s go!”

A promise is a promise, and my girl needed a day of fun whether I wanted to leave the house or not.  It was nice to see Bela have a good shopping day (more about that later) and hear her belly laugh about the movie.  I realized that no matter how tough things are, kids still need to have fun.  It’s my job to make it happen.