Prama….the drama that is prom.  I have never had such a hard time finding a dress in my life.  My Bela has been looking for a dress for weeks!  After fighting for her right to go to prom (with a date from our town), she found a date, but it was already late—the first week of March.  (Prom is March 18!)  I took her to the prom shop in the mall, but they couldn’t find her size.  I then went to JC Penney and ordered a dress, but I had doubts that it would fit.  Then we trudged to the car, worn out and stressed, and headed home.


My friend, Crystal, was all over Amazon, and she ordered a dress.  The delivery date was “between March 17 and March 29.”  That wouldn’t work, obviously!  By then, I had panicked, and I had gone to Hirschfeld’s Prom Shop.  After two trips there in one week, we found a dress that fit and put it on hold “just in case.”  So…then came the scramble: I canceled the order from JC Penney, got my money back, Crystal canceled the first Amazon order and ordered a second dress on Amazon (5-day shipping!), and we all waited while I gnawed my nails down to the quick (figuratively if not literally).

The Amazon order arrived—RIGHT ON TIME!—and, miracle of miracles, it fit!!!  It seems the drama that is prom is handled….



Bela went to prom in her dress we bought on Amazon. Crystal did her hair, and Bela had a great time.


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