New Outfit!

Thanks to Kelsey for taking this shot.

Thanks to Kelsey for taking this shot.

If you’ve been following along, you know by now that I went on a serious shopping spree in Maurice’s.  I even had my own personal shopper, a former student named Michaela.  She worked hard to help me get the items I needed.

Dressing Up

The first thing I did this morning was snag a student to take a picture for me.  Thank you, Brodie, for helping me out.  I needed a picture as early as possible before I got busy and frazzled.  🙂


I had a lot of positive comments throughout the day since I usually live in my jeans and T-shirts.  One colleague thought I had “done” my hair, but I just washed it, brushed and slapped a head band on.  The rest was natural.  My normal “do” is a pony tail.  Every time someone would tell me how nice I looked, my response was, “Michaela did this.”  I told a few people that it felt really different, and I always worry that it looks like two raccoons in a sack of corn….