Dressing Up

The first thing I did this morning was snag a student to take a picture for me.  Thank you, Brodie, for helping me out.  I needed a picture as early as possible before I got busy and frazzled.  🙂


I had a lot of positive comments throughout the day since I usually live in my jeans and T-shirts.  One colleague thought I had “done” my hair, but I just washed it, brushed and slapped a head band on.  The rest was natural.  My normal “do” is a pony tail.  Every time someone would tell me how nice I looked, my response was, “Michaela did this.”  I told a few people that it felt really different, and I always worry that it looks like two raccoons in a sack of corn….



My daughter, Ysabela, has decided she wants to do some cosplay.  After she explained it all to me, I thought it might be fun for her.  I wondered if we’d find any cosplay fun within driving distance, so she started looking.  We discovered that there’s a cosplay event (O Comic Con) in Council Bluffs (Iowa) at the end of May, so we are planning to go.  Once she won that battle, she insisted that I dress up as well.

I don’t think I can find an appealing outfit that is flattering for my body type.  It’s that simple!  I mean, I’m in shape (if you count round as a shape!), but I do not want to wear anything that is very “form fitting.”  I like my clothes to cover, not outline.  I liked the Avatar face makeup, but the clothes are not my style.  After that, things went down hill.  I have given up on finding an outfit that I can—and will—wear.

As far as I’m concerned, we will have enough to do with ordering fabric, making Bela’s pants (with help from someone who knows how to do it!), finding the perfect purple shirt, buying her must-have boots and ordering the top hat.  I think cosplay=money.  🙂  It should be a fun experience anyway, though.  We’re both looking forward to going.  Everyone will have the opportunity to walk the red carpet and have photos taken.  It’ll be nice to get out of town for a few days and relax.