Bela got her first LootCrate this week.  I got her the April crate as part of her birthday present(s).  She was thrilled with the contents.  I was happy because she was happy.  The LootCrate was smaller than I expected, but it was definitely mighty!  A lot of good stuff was packed inside.  I was surprised to see how economical the monthly subscription is for LootCrate.  I may have to make this a regular thing for her.

Bela couldn't wait to open it!

Bela couldn’t wait to open it!

She loved the Game of Thrones T...

She loved the Game of Thrones T…

...and the flash drive...

…and the flash drive…

...and the Harry Potter luggage tag!  She will use that very soon, I suspect.

…and the Harry Potter luggage tag! She will use that very soon, I suspect.

I want the magnets on the fridge.

I want the magnets on the fridge.

We haven't tried the playing cards yet, but we will.

We haven’t tried the playing cards yet, but we will.

Her favorite items were the crown and the bowtie.

Her favorite items were the crown and the bowtie.

If you look closely, you can see the pin that was included.

If you look closely, you can see the pin that was included.



We left around 4:30 to make our way downtown to Summit Music Hall. We were glad we did because we found a decent parking space at a reasonable price. It was the cheapest to be had at $4 per hour. I paid an even $10 for the evening since the concert would last more than an hour. Near the ticket machine there was a sketchy guy beside a parked truck. I’m not sure he was fluent in English, but he did “request” a high-five. Another fellow walked up to him asking for drugs. He told him to go away. I paid as quickly as possible, put the ticket on the dash (taking the girls with me, of course) and we moved on down the street.

This reminded me of Mexico.

This reminded me of Mexico.


There was already a line, but we had our tickets in hand, so all that remained to be done was wait. Bela, the birthday girl, met Mari in person after chatting online for the last few months. They read each other’s stories on wattpad. Her mother, Diana, is a very nice lady. Her plan was to let her teens go enjoy the concert while she sat at the bar away from the foam. That was a good plan. She said they came every year to see Blood on the Dance Floor, so she filled me in on the usual happenings. We had plenty of time since the doors opened at 7.

The temperatures were in the eighties, but an occasional breeze kept us from melting. Bela held our place in line while Gen and I walked a couple of blocks to the nearest 7 11 for water. We made it back, drank our water and chatted with some people from Sidney, Nebraska. Small world. There were a lot of strange people in line. If it helps you picture it, Diana, Gen, Bela and I were the ones who stuck out like a sore thumb. I felt very out-of-place because 1) I’m old and 2) I was dressed in regular street clothes. One young boy had on furry leg warmers. With short shorts. No, I am not making this up! One guy had hair like a rainbow. When a blonde boy came by asking for donations to buy a ticket, Diana said he did the same thing every year.

Gen out of her comfort zone!  I can relate!

Gen out of her comfort zone! I can relate!


Gen would have fit in better if she had worn these!  One boy had on leg warmers made of the same stuff.

Gen would have fit in better if she had worn these! One boy had on leg warmers made of the same stuff.

Periodic squeals of excitement punctuated the air as fans caught sight of their favorite performers going in and out of the back door at Summit Music Hall. One thing I will say about these singers is that they do interact with the fans. They took pictures with them and talked to them like they are important. It’s a good strategy because a band with no fan base fails. After two hours in line, our purses and/or backpacks were searched and we got in! I was asked for ID, but I wasn’t going to drink, so I got a slash marked on my hands. Diana perched on a bar stool facing the stage, and I landed on the stool beside her. The kids went as a pack to the “merch” tables to see what was for sale. Bela found me soon after for money to buy a CD and a foam finger. Just that fast, $20 was shot.

The opening acts took their time, but Bela and Gen said someone told them that one of Jayy Von Monroe’s suitcases was misplaced at the airport. They went on stage later than anticipated. I got the feeling that the stage persona is something the guys put on like a costume, but behind closed doors they are most likely nice people. I hope I’m correct in my assessment. I saw flashes of happiness on Jayy Von’s face as he smiled and waved to fans who caught his attention. It was as if he let down his guard somehow to connect with the fans.

I must say that the show was supposedly rated “all ages,” but the language should have made it at least a “16 and over” performance. The bad language ruined (for me) what could have been a decent concert. Mixed in with the profanity, there was a positive message that the kids should not be afraid to dream and pursue those dreams. The delivery of that message could have been better. One thing that has stayed with me is Dahvie Vanity saying, “You didn’t come here to be judged, am I right?” I tried to remember that after the concert when Bela was happily chattering about the fun she had. She was not “different” at the concert. She fit in and had a great time. I’m glad she enjoyed her birthday present, and I’m glad she has a best friend who loves her enough to leave her own comfort zone to go with her. Gen and Bela got some autographs and made some memories. 🙂 Gen and I joked that our ears got raped by what we heard at the concert!


Back to Denver

I am seriously going for the mom of the year title. Ysabela’s birthday is coming up, so I got us tickets for a concert. She had been talking nonstop about bands she likes, but one of her current faves is Blood on the Dance Floor. To make her birthday even better, her best friend is going with us!

We already have our room reserved at the same hotel we stayed in this weekend. I figure even if the downtown area is 15 minutes away, I can get there in good time, find parking and still have time to grab dinner before the concert. The downtown hotels are quite a bit more expensive, too. We always travel on a “shoe string budget.”

I’m sure Ysabela, Gen and I will have some awesome concert pictures. I will probably have fun watching the girls’ reactions to the concert. I’ll be sure to get some candids of them enjoying the show!



Before I got home, Mom warned me she had put my picture on the WDBJ7 channel to celebrate my birthday. I was glad for the warning! 🙂

I hate seeing myself in pictures, but at least I’d had a good night’s sleep. (We got to Mom and Dad’s a little after lunch Sunday.)

It was funny because when we were within two miles of the house, I told Bela, “I can smell the macaroni and cheese from here!” There was a feast prepared for us–homemade mac and cheese, fried chicken and green beans……yummy!