Foam Party?

Ysabela’s birthday is Monday, so I got her concert tickets for her (current) favorite band. Yesterday she went to the band’s website where one of the guys had posted something like “foam party in Denver!” I heard the squeal and came running to see what was wrong. Nothing! Just happiness. I think Gen was equally excited when Bela told her the breaking news. ­čÖé

Here we all sit in Denver waiting for tomorrow’s concert… are chilling. They spent a few hours in the pool, I ordered pizza, and they had showers. I ran out of coffee supplies, so I went to the reception area and chatted with Masha and Oksana. They are awesome girls, and their customer service skills are tops. I’m happy they put up with me.


Best friend bonding

Best friend bonding

I will keep you all updated—if I survive the fun tomorrow! ­čÖé

Back to Denver

I am seriously going for the mom of the year title. Ysabela’s birthday is coming up, so I got us tickets for a concert. She had been talking nonstop about bands she likes, but one of her current faves is Blood on the Dance Floor. To make her birthday even better, her best friend is going with us!

We already have our room reserved at the same hotel we stayed in this weekend. I figure even if the downtown area is 15 minutes away, I can get there in good time, find parking and still have time to grab dinner before the concert. The downtown hotels are quite a bit more expensive, too. We always travel on a “shoe string budget.”

I’m sure Ysabela, Gen and I will have some awesome concert pictures. I will probably have fun watching the girls’ reactions to the concert. I’ll be sure to get some candids of them enjoying the show!