Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more news concerning Warped Tour!  We are in Denver resting up for tomorrow’s concerts!  Scott was kind enough to drive after I got a bit misplaced.  He got us to the hotel, but we had almost three hours to kill before check in.  Scott (and Siri) managed to chauffeur us to Hot Topic at the Pavillion Mall…where I proceeded to spend way too much money.  In my defense, it was Bela’s first trip to that store, and there are so many cool things to buy!  Some of the T-shirts were on clearance, and the deal was buy one, get one for $1.  What else could I do?

After Hot Topic, Scott was able to navigate to Myxed Up Creations.  It was quite interesting, but I made no purchases there.  There were a lot of skull items on display.  After that, we hit Starbucks for some energy and motivation.  Our last stop before returning to La Quinta to check in was Hobby Lobby.

Examples of merchandise in Myxed Up Creations....

Examples of merchandise in Myxed Up Creations….

Chillaxing in the hotel....

Chillaxing in the hotel….



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