We left home this morning a bit before 6. By lunch, we were checking into the hotel. I had booked a room at La Quinta for two nights, but I decided to stay only tonight and roll home after the audition tomorrow. We were happy to get into our room, turn on the air and contemplate what was for dinner. After I booted up the ever-present computer, I ordered pizza from Dominos. While we waited, I checked my grad class homework, and made sure everything was caught up. Dinner arrived in about 30 minutes, but it took a lot less time than that to eat it!



After the pizza was gone, Bela went into a pizza-induced coma. 🙂 It didn’t last long. We spent a (very) few minutes outside, then back into the cool room. I had to have a smoke break.


The plan for tonight is to get a good night’s sleep, have breakfast and head to Magness Arena mid-morning. I won’t post tomorrow, but I will do my best to post Sunday.

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