Strange Night, Interesting Morning

I slept fitfully due to being in a strange place. The two-hour nap early in the evening had something to do with it as well. 🙂 I attribute my nightmare to keeping the TV on the Weather Channel’s Tornado Alley all night. During the two hours I slept, I dreamed about a tornado. I was working at the nursing home when a tornado warning came on the television. It was heading straight for our town! For some reason, the nursing home looked more like a warehouse, and there were kids all over the place.

Bela’s friend was in there, too, so she was reluctant to run home with me to wait out the danger in our basement. Somehow our dogs ended up in the nursing home “warehouse.” The tornado hit, I went flying through the air and apparently landed miles from home. I met some people, someone took me back to my town and I began looking for my crew. I found my dogs. Chance had also been picked up by the tornado; he had a cut on his shoulder, but both dogs would be fine. By the time I woke up, I still hadn’t found Bela. I finally went back to sleep…this time, without dreams.

Happy shower curtain advice

Happy shower curtain advice

I beat the wake-up call, and was up before 7. That gave me time to shower and grab breakfast. I was a bit disappointed because there were no scrambled eggs. Isn’t it amazing how spoiled we can get? I helped an eccentric fellow named Steven make his breakfast waffle. He didn’t want to muss his fancy red jacket. He also had an audition at 2. According to him, red is the magic color because it sizzles. If you see Steven and his red jacket on The Voice this season, you’ll know it worked.

By the time my breakfast was done, Bela had had her shower and was ready to schmooze with the family down the hall. Turns out, there was a budding love connection happening. Mohammad is 16, gorgeous and friendly. His mom, Kemila, is a very nice lady. The little brother, Azume, is absolutely adorable. They are from Libya. Mohammad’s older brother, Tohi, is attending grad school at the University of Denver. Ysabela introduced them all (except the dad) to me. Kemila claimed Bela as her daughter. Does this mean she’s engaged? (Note to self: Google Libyan culture.) The family has been in the hotel for a month to be close to Tohi while he is getting settled.


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