In our visits, nobody had a dog until we stopped to see Frances. We were really missing our two! I pulled into the driveway reasonably sure I was at the right house. Seeing it brought back memories.

My daughter was reading the mail box and said, “I’m not getting out until you make sure this is the right place.” I’ll admit, my road memory skills were slower than normal to return, but seriously? I got out and Bela said, “The mail box says DAILY!” I had to laugh because in our adopted town, there are a few people with Daly as a surname. What she had actually read was DAILY TELEGRAPH on the newspaper box!

Frances and I have been great friends for more than 20 years!

Frances and I have been great friends for more than 20 years!

Misty is a great little dog, and we enjoyed playing with her so much! Thanks for sharing her with us! We were experiencing dog withdrawal!

Bela and Misty

Bela and Misty

We had a great (too brief) time catching up after so long. I went to see her mom as well. She got to meet my Bela.

Ysabela, Verna and Frances

Ysabela, Verna and Frances

Frances’ sister was there with her two lovely daughters. If you really want to see one of the girls doing something cool, check out this video. I was amazed.

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