Judy’s Place

When I was thinking about driving more to see my friend, Judy, I wasn’t sure I could get back in the car! Yes, I wanted to see her, but I was flat out tired of driving! I also know her work schedule, and I didn’t want her to be exhausted if I stayed too long. She’s the kind of friend everyone needs—I know I’m always welcome at her place for however long I need to be there. She’s been at my side during some hard times as well as good times. Everybody needs a Judy! After thinking hard about it, I felt like


The view from her place is fabulous.

Great view from Judy's house

Great view from Judy’s house

The water bed is the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in!

Best water bed ever!

Best water bed ever!

This was the same day we went to Lisa’s. Again, there was a kid with a camera handy!

Sneaky kid took our pic!

Sneaky kid took our pic!

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