Moody Monday

I don’t know about you, but I am glad to have Monday’s work behind me! The day went quickly, but tomorrow is coming fast. I have a list of assignments in my head for my students, but for this moment, I am taking a brain break. 🙂

I looked at some pictures we took in Virginia and found this restful photo.

This is the duck pond in Narrows.  My kids used to visit to feed the ducks.

This is the duck pond in Narrows where my kids used to feed the ducks.

Mystery Caller

And the phone call went something like this:

Me: Hello? (I noticed the number was from Virginia, probably a cell phone, but I didn’t recognize the number.)

Mystery man: Hey, Kelly! How are you doing? Are you busy? (Virginia accent, adult male, could be one of my cousins since he called me by name)

Me: I’m fine! Just doing laundry. You doing OK? (stubbornly refusing to ask who it was)

Mystery man: Oh, yeah! I have been working for Company X, making good money for the last few years. Dad gave me your number. I didn’t know you’d come in. Did you make it to Pulaski last week? (AHA, a clue! That just ruled out Buddy, James and Allen.)

Me: I practically LIVED there!

Mystery man: So, where are you living now? The last time I heard anything you were in North Carolina. (Another clue! It’s been a long time since we have chatted.)

Me: Oh, my God! We went to Mexico for five years. Now we’re in Nebraska.

This continued for about 10 minutes. He had forgotten I might not recognize his voice, and I was not going to ask. I finally figured it out after a few more clues. He mentioned his kids, so that helped a lot! My cousin, Johnny, had decided to call me! Whew, that was a close one……glad it wasn’t one of my ex-boyfriends!

The Chicken Chick


Swapping toys....

Swapping toys….

The kids were both crying when it was time for us to leave. They swapped stuffed toys for a tangible reminder of the visit. The longer we stayed, the harder it was to think about heading back to Nebraska. We spent part of the day packing the car. There were tubs of books and pictures that had to be crammed in the car. Luckily, Mom knows how to pack! Dad helped a bit as well.

I tried to take a nap, but it was hard to get any sleep. After an hour and a half, I gave up. We had originally planned to leave around 11 p. m., but since I was up and alert, we pulled out around 8 instead. I knew the drive home would be brutal. Bela and I amused ourselves playing Banana! and Punch Bug! again. If you happened to be driving a yellow car and saw strange people pointing at you, it was probably us!

I will treasure all the memories we brought back with us. Every picture reminds me of something or someone special. There was mention made of us returning in the summer…….not too sure about that yet!


Thanks, Judy, for taking this one!  C. J., Bela, me and Lisa

Thanks, Judy, for taking this one! C. J., Bela, me and Lisa

Seeing Aunt Ottie was nice!  It had been YEARS!

Seeing Aunt Ottie was nice! It had been YEARS!

I was tired of driving, so Judy took over.

Long Time No See!

If you’ve been keeping up with us, you will know we FINALLY arrived for our visit. It had been about three years since we’d been back in Virginia. We had missed family and friends long enough, so we made the trip happen. We arrived Sunday (later than I wanted to be), rested a bit (and ate some great food) and started making the rounds of visits we had on our list.

Richard and his chicks!

Richard and his chicks!

Who can resist chicks?

Who can resist chicks?

By the time we finished chatting, I was (almost) mentally ready to drive over to see “my” Judy. (Her daughters and I fight for visiting time!) We had planned to meet at Canton (Chinese place), but it was closed. Plan B landed us at Hardee’s.

Too long between visits!

Too long between visits!

Judy drove my car so we could visit another friend and her son. Lisa and C. J. have always kept in touch. Lisa’s my go-to person for class supplies, handouts, etc. It was good to reconnect.

Nice to see Lisa again!

Nice to see Lisa again!

Stay tuned for the next installment! I have to get a bit more rest….

The Chicken Chick