Mystery Caller

And the phone call went something like this:

Me: Hello? (I noticed the number was from Virginia, probably a cell phone, but I didn’t recognize the number.)

Mystery man: Hey, Kelly! How are you doing? Are you busy? (Virginia accent, adult male, could be one of my cousins since he called me by name)

Me: I’m fine! Just doing laundry. You doing OK? (stubbornly refusing to ask who it was)

Mystery man: Oh, yeah! I have been working for Company X, making good money for the last few years. Dad gave me your number. I didn’t know you’d come in. Did you make it to Pulaski last week? (AHA, a clue! That just ruled out Buddy, James and Allen.)

Me: I practically LIVED there!

Mystery man: So, where are you living now? The last time I heard anything you were in North Carolina. (Another clue! It’s been a long time since we have chatted.)

Me: Oh, my God! We went to Mexico for five years. Now we’re in Nebraska.

This continued for about 10 minutes. He had forgotten I might not recognize his voice, and I was not going to ask. I finally figured it out after a few more clues. He mentioned his kids, so that helped a lot! My cousin, Johnny, had decided to call me! Whew, that was a close one……glad it wasn’t one of my ex-boyfriends!

The Chicken Chick

2 thoughts on “Mystery Caller

  1. I’m a Kelly too. Do you know what our name means? Warrior woman. My husband says that’s information that might have been useful 30 years ago!
    Have a great day.

    • Yep! I have lived by that. Funny, my middle name is Ann which means graceful (which I’m so not)….

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