Teachers are not the best-paid professionals in the United States, but some of the perks can sure make a difference in our attitudes.  I feel like my school district is getting a lot right.

I’m glad to say that our administrators back off and allow us to do our jobs.  Our school is also great when it comes to investing in staff.  I’m talking about professional development.  I feel that my school excels in investing in its teachers because there are no hard limits placed on PD days; we can make a case for an important conference just about any time.  That matters a lot to me and my colleagues.  I make an effort not to overuse professional development days.  That being said, I also do not hesitate to mention opportunities featuring skilled teachers/speakers that I need to attend to improve my own skills.

I’m fortunate to be able to hone my skills and learn from masters.  When a school district invests in its teachers, students reap the rewards.



For all of those people who don’t know how teachers roll, let me give you a bit of insight.  After the initial rejoicing at the end of the school year, many of us use our vacation time to attend workshops or take classes to improve our practice.  Those workshops may last one or two days, depending on the topic, but the thinking process lasts a lot longer.  Putting all of the learning and thinking together to create classroom activities takes even more of our vacation time.

That’s been my experience, especially after the Martina Bex Comprehensible Input workshop last week in Lincoln.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  I spent this week rehashing and rereading the handouts she provided for us.  Now I’m almost ready to start choosing vocabulary to use in my own stories.  Then comes the actual writing process.  I’m sure I’ll have a few false starts, but the results will be worth the time.

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If I Were President…

I would make the following effective immediately:

* Close the borders indefinitely until some of the mess the country’s in could be sorted out
* Mandatory show of ID for voting or receipt of welfare benefits
* Drug testing for recipients of welfare
* Mandatory job training for recipients of welfare
* Suspend aid to foreign countries
* Six months to get legal or get deported
* Develop incentives for small businesses, especially green companies
* Hire Donald Trump and Dave Ramsey to help reduce the deficit
* Eliminate all non-essential government positions
* Give notice to former presidents that they will now pay for their own body guards, etc.
* Dismantle Obamacare
* Seek and support niche markets that focus on helping veterans
* Give teachers the power to influence education without selling out to textbook and testing companies

These are just a few ideas that would help get the United States back on track. I would accept office for only one term and get a job when I was finished. Public servants work for the average American; we, the people, do NOT work for them. Common sense is no longer so common.