If I Were President…

I would make the following effective immediately:

* Close the borders indefinitely until some of the mess the country’s in could be sorted out
* Mandatory show of ID for voting or receipt of welfare benefits
* Drug testing for recipients of welfare
* Mandatory job training for recipients of welfare
* Suspend aid to foreign countries
* Six months to get legal or get deported
* Develop incentives for small businesses, especially green companies
* Hire Donald Trump and Dave Ramsey to help reduce the deficit
* Eliminate all non-essential government positions
* Give notice to former presidents that they will now pay for their own body guards, etc.
* Dismantle Obamacare
* Seek and support niche markets that focus on helping veterans
* Give teachers the power to influence education without selling out to textbook and testing companies

These are just a few ideas that would help get the United States back on track. I would accept office for only one term and get a job when I was finished. Public servants work for the average American; we, the people, do NOT work for them. Common sense is no longer so common.

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