For all of those people who don’t know how teachers roll, let me give you a bit of insight.  After the initial rejoicing at the end of the school year, many of us use our vacation time to attend workshops or take classes to improve our practice.  Those workshops may last one or two days, depending on the topic, but the thinking process lasts a lot longer.  Putting all of the learning and thinking together to create classroom activities takes even more of our vacation time.

That’s been my experience, especially after the Martina Bex Comprehensible Input workshop last week in Lincoln.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  I spent this week rehashing and rereading the handouts she provided for us.  Now I’m almost ready to start choosing vocabulary to use in my own stories.  Then comes the actual writing process.  I’m sure I’ll have a few false starts, but the results will be worth the time.

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After spending almost all day in classes and putting my lesson plans on the school website, it dawned on me—-we have to go back again tomorrow….and Friday and all next week! WHAT????? REALLY????? The kids feel the same judging by the comments I heard. I know my own teen was not excited about returning to school. Summer vacation was simply not long enough. Enough said.

Now What?

I am already thinking about what I’ll do after this last grad class ends in June. The degree will certainly open more doors professionally like teaching dual credit classes, but my real question is: what will I study next?

I get bored quickly, and I’m not afraid to try new things, so I’ve been taking a mental inventory of my interests other than Spanish. Fortunately, I love to read, so that will serve me well in any endeavor. I spent some time browsing the MOOC database, and I found all kinds of options. The courses are free. The down side is that no credit is given. That really isn’t my major concern. I want to learn new things about a variety of topics, and I want to learn from experts. So far, I haven’t zeroed in on a class, but I’m sure I’ll find something to hold my interest. History? Forensics? Arabic? French?

Life after grad school can feel like a bit of a let down. The last two years have been filled with homework, reading and pressure. I imagine I will breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the course, but I’m not sure I’ll know what to do without a text book in my hands. I’m on my way to figuring it out! Life is a journey!