Glad To Be Awake

I sure was glad to wake up this morning!  I was having a really strange dream.  The brain is an amazing tangle of synapses, and mine integrated some interesting items from my subconscious last night to form a frightening series of events.

For some unknown reason, I had been hired to sing some Spanish songs by Selena.  Like that wasn’t odd enough, I found myself searching for a band to play for me.  The concert was scheduled to begin in a few hours.

For you poor souls who don’t know which Selena I’m talking about, here’s a link!


The Voice

I have a special announcement at the end of this post, so keep reading. I know many of my Facebook friends read the first few lines of a blog post and comment there because it’s easy. I love that friends are reading my posts, but make sure to click on the post and go to the actual blog site or you might miss important information! You don’t have to comment on the blog if it’s a pain. I know I hate to sign in to leave a comment!

Ysabela loves to sing!

Ysabela loves to sing!

My friends already know that my Ysabela loves to sing—any time, any place. It’s what she does. Many of you do not know that I made her an account with The Voice. A few weeks ago I received an email “heads up” about coming auditions and the cities where people can go to try out. The producer will be making selections for call backs since the judges won’t be there. I discovered the closest place to us is Denver at Magness Arena. Ysabela will be trying out in June!

I have been pushing her to select her two songs and practice, practice, practice! (Nag, nag!) I don’t mean to nag, but I want her as ready as possible to do her very best. This is pretty much a one shot deal. If you would like to say a prayer for her, go right ahead. We’ll never turn those down. If you prefer to send warm fuzzy thoughts, we welcome those too!