Slow Down!

That’s what I keep telling myself.  I have to slow down, take a breath and relax from time to time.  Even when my body is at rest, my brain is racing.  I can’t be the only person who lies in bed just thinking for hours, can I?

Lately, my brain has been focused on growing my new business—making contacts, creating punch cards, ordering samples, etc.   When I hit on a great idea, I share it with my friends who are in the same line of work.  That’s the best part about my brain racing because I love to collaborate and brainstorm with friends.  Maybe that is how I relax.


Glad To Be Awake

I sure was glad to wake up this morning!  I was having a really strange dream.  The brain is an amazing tangle of synapses, and mine integrated some interesting items from my subconscious last night to form a frightening series of events.

For some unknown reason, I had been hired to sing some Spanish songs by Selena.  Like that wasn’t odd enough, I found myself searching for a band to play for me.  The concert was scheduled to begin in a few hours.

For you poor souls who don’t know which Selena I’m talking about, here’s a link!