Alone or Lonely? Huge Difference!

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge

Today’s writing challenge question: Do you enjoy being alone? What do you do when you’re by yourself?

I love easy questions. I enjoy and savor solitude. I can usually be found with my nose in a book if I have spare time.

Many people confuse being alone with being lonely. I know the difference. It’s possible to feel lonely in a crowded room. It’s about the connections between people. If I am not emotionally connected to the people in the crowded room, I could feel lonely. (Admittedly, I rarely put myself in the position of being in crowds since I prefer being at home.)

I think I’m lucky because I enjoy my time alone. My own company is just fine with me. With pets in the home, it’s never lonely anyway. I consider them family members. Some people never learn that being alone is preferable to keeping bad company.

Benjamin Franklin said…

“There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self.” Do you think you know yourself well? That is today’s topic for the BlogHer Writing Challenge.

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge

This question is really easy for me to answer. YES! It has taken me a long time to be comfortable in my own skin. I am (painfully) aware of my strengths and my weaknesses. For all of you who are still struggling with knowing yourself, I can say with confidence—give yourself some time. You’ll get there.


Question: Who do you trust more: yourself or others? I definitely trust myself more than anyone else. I have a few (VERY few) friends I know I can count on. I give people the benefit of the doubt, but I always make sure my end (my BACK end!)is covered in case I am disappointed! I was told once (or twice) that I have high standards for myself and the expectation that others will live up to my high standards. Sadly, I’m sure we can all think of a situation in which others have let us down.

At work, I know my colleagues usually do what they say. That’s a separate issue to me. Life in general is another story altogether. I have learned to navigate life with a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C at the very least. I usually plan for the worst-case scenario and hope it doesn’t happen.

When my daughter and I moved to Mexico, it was us against the world. Fortunately, my partner of many years is a man I can trust. Before him, however, I learned to be self-sufficient. I have tried to teach my girls that skill too. I hope I have been successful.

Trust has to be earned.

Trust has to be earned.

Facts About Me

So I signed up for the NaBloPoMo March writing challenge today. The goal is to blog every day, and there are prompts to assist me. I missed yesterday’s prompt, so I will tell you five interesting facts about myself to get on track.

1. I took belly dance class and enjoyed it!
2. My soul mate is stuck (for now) in another country.
3. I prefer the company of my pets to people.
4. I can wiggle my ears.
5. I also have the (dubious) talent of talking like Donald Duck.