Question: Who do you trust more: yourself or others? I definitely trust myself more than anyone else. I have a few (VERY few) friends I know I can count on. I give people the benefit of the doubt, but I always make sure my end (my BACK end!)is covered in case I am disappointed! I was told once (or twice) that I have high standards for myself and the expectation that others will live up to my high standards. Sadly, I’m sure we can all think of a situation in which others have let us down.

At work, I know my colleagues usually do what they say. That’s a separate issue to me. Life in general is another story altogether. I have learned to navigate life with a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C at the very least. I usually plan for the worst-case scenario and hope it doesn’t happen.

When my daughter and I moved to Mexico, it was us against the world. Fortunately, my partner of many years is a man I can trust. Before him, however, I learned to be self-sufficient. I have tried to teach my girls that skill too. I hope I have been successful.

Trust has to be earned.

Trust has to be earned.

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