Super Mom!

Where’s my cape?  Oh, never mind!  Today was great!  I got to sleep late, and Bela slept even later.  Once I got up and moving, I decided to make some (turkey) bacon and eggs to entice Bela out of the bed.  Fail!  End result: she ate breakfast in bed.  That usually doesn’t happen, but since she hurt her ankle, I let it slide.

Once her breakfast was taken care of and the dishes done, I was looking for something for myself.  I had gone to bed last night thinking about my mom’s recipe for cassoulet.  I thought it called for some ketchup, but I couldn’t remember for sure.  After a quick phone call, I put everything (one can of white Northern beans, one can of drained carrots, four cut-up wieners and some ketchup) into the pot, “cooked” a few minutes and had an easy lunch.  I have enough for two or three more meals.  Just in case you’re interested, Mom said some garlic powder and onions can be added to the recipe.

Easy, one-pot lunch!

Easy, one-pot lunch!

Since I had conquered today’s meals, I was looking for something else….that’s when I found a box of cake mix in the cabinet.  Hmmmm.  Why not?  I also noticed a small box of food coloring, so I added a few drops of color to the batter.  🙂

I used a knife to swirl the colors a bit.

I used a knife to swirl the colors a bit.

After the cake was done, Bela and I taste tested (for quality control purposes).  I even managed to get some icing on a few pieces.  Bela tried a piece before it was cooled!  (I might have, too.)  Lunch, check.  Crazy cake, check.  Popcorn and a movie?  Sure, let’s do it!

I made Bela some popcorn, and we settled down to watch The Book of Life (again).  What a wonderful day off.

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