Homeschool Help

Remember my post about Lee Binz and her HomeScholar webinar?  Since I signed up to receive some of her products, I was entitled to a 20-minute phone consultation with her.  I had a list of questions ready so I could maximize my time (and not waste hers!).

If you homeschool, you simply must check out her website!  What I found particularly useful: her practical advice on how to document student-directed learning and early high school credits.  My daughter learned Spanish in Mexico, so Lee (I feel like we’re friends now!) advised me to add that time as early high school credits.  She even followed up with some helpful links to exams I might want my daughter to take later.

Unschoolers would also benefit from her tips concerning documentation.  Lee calls it “delight-directed learning,” and it makes perfect sense.  I think the best advice she gave was to listen to ourselves when talking to our kids to find out what our kids are passionate about; for example, I’m always telling Bela to “stop singing” while I’m watching TV.  Her passion is—you guessed it—singing.  That counts as choir!  She has certainly spent enough time to deserve credit!

Suffice it to say that the webinar, the products and the phone call were worth my time and money.


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