Blind Eye?

My adopted community is small, but caring.  If a family is having a hard time, there’s always someone willing to get the ball rolling and organize help.  It’s amazing to watch.  Sometimes I am ashamed of myself for not noticing a need in the first place.  I should have paid closer attention.  I should have known.

I’m not saying to spy on your neighbors, but I know I’m guilty of putting on my blinders when I leave the house.  Are you?  I simply don’t notice—or maybe I even turn a blind eye when I have a gut feeling that something is off.  How many horrible things have happened throughout history due to apathy and/or turning a blind eye?

I watched a video this week that drove the point home.

You may wonder what the video has to do with my post, but turning a blind eye can apply to anything unpleasant that we don’t want to see.  It could be animal abuse, hungry children, a hurting family without resources…anything.  I have to make an effort to “be present” in my own daily life.  We all need to remember that!  Make an effort to get to know the new family down the street.  Make an effort to see beyond polite conversation down to the need that may exist.  Many people are embarrassed to ask for help.  Maybe we should offer it anyway.

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